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Measures to attract, develop and retain Generation Z employees

Generation Z employees

Just like the generations before them, members of Gen Z attach great importance to work. What has changed is the role of work in the life of the individual, which is increasingly being called into question by young people.

Ever more of them publicly advocate for a better work-life balance – which may further fuel the debate about the “lazy Gen Z” – and studies suggest that many members of Gen Z consider a good work-life balance the most crucial factor when it comes to choosing an employer.[1]

Apparently, only very few of them are impressed by classic status symbols such as successful careers, job titles or material possessions. Members of Gen Z strive for autonomy as well as personal and professional development. They want to constantly expand their horizons and be passionate about their jobs. They are unafraid of change and way more willing to reinvent themselves time and again.

In the graphic we take a brief look at each phase of the employee life cycle and show examples of the levers available to companies to attract, develop and, above all, retain young talent in the long term.


  • Emphasize flexibility
  • Offer meaningful work
  • Be quick and take unconventional paths

Personnel development

  • Offer individual development opportunities
  • Promote tech-savviness
  • Establish feedback culture

Personnel retention

  • Support work-life balance
  • Make career opportunities transparent
  • Cultivate your corporate culture


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[1] Deloitte Global 2023 Gen Z and Millennial Survey.


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