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Ever since the ECB’s announcement of its supervisory priorities for 2023–2025 in December 2022, followed by Andrea Enria’s keynote speech during the Annual Conference on Banking Supervision in March 2023, it has become clear that banks will have to revisit the compliance gaps in their risk data aggregation and risk reporting processes. Implications for G-SIBs and opportunities for smaller banks.

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Various types of electronic securities and tokens that are issued using DLT systems

Cash dollar bill and design with waves and bars as metaphor for crypto fund unit

Crypto fund unit

A crypto fund unit is a share in investment funds or in individual share classes of an investment fund that is registered in a crypto securities register. The German Electronic Securities Act (Gesetz zur Einführung von elektronischen Wertpapieren, eWpG) also extends to electronic investment funds share certificates, which can thereby also be held in a central register.

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Crypto currency and digital wallets concept background.


A cryptocurrency is a digital asset that enables cashless payments independent from any intermediaries or can be used for investment purposes.

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Components of the DLT infrastructure in our topic glossary

Speed light tunnel as metaphor for Crypto securities register

Crypto securities register

A crypto securities register is a register based on DLT technology for electronic securities as defined in the German Electronic Securities Act (Gesetz über elektronische Wertpapiere, eWpG). The Electronic Securities Act (eWpG) created a new financial service referred to as crypto securities registrar services.

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Digital generated image as metaphor for Decentralized finance (DeFi

Decentralized finance

Decentralized finance describes decentralized systems that use software protocols to enable financial transactions between users without the involvement of financial intermediaries such as banks.

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Isometric digital signature concept as metaphor for smart contracts

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are contracts implemented using DLT systems that automatically execute transactions when certain triggers occur, enabling digital transaction processing.

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