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Dr. Frank Mrusek

Senior Manager

Frank Mrusek is Senior Manager in the practice group Financial Control & Strategic Planning at zeb. In this role, he is also managing projects with focus on value based management, capital management, planning/budgeting, controlling and data management for zeb clients.


Office Berlin
Friedrichstr. 78
10117 Berlin


+49 30 473753-109

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Articles by Dr. Frank Mrusek

Abstract cloud computing and network as metaphor for ECB guidelines on risk data aggregation

New ECB guidelines on risk data aggregation and risk reporting

Ever since the ECB’s announcement of its supervisory priorities for 2023–2025 in December 2022, followed by Andrea Enria’s keynote speech during the Annual Conference on Banking Supervision in March 2023, it has become clear that banks will have to revisit the compliance gaps in their risk data aggregation and risk reporting processes. Implications for G-SIBs and opportunities for smaller banks.

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