FinTech Week Hamburg 2017—Interview with co-founder

From November 6 to 12, 2017, Fintech Week Hamburg is the place to be in the North German city. TABULARAZA by zeb is represented in the program with four events. Co-founder Carolin Neumann offers insights into the development and goals of the event week.
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About the Fintech Week Hamburg

What is Fintech Week Hamburg all about?

At Fintech Week Hamburg, the sector gets together in a place that is not one of its usual haunts and well-known meeting spots—in various contexts, for a whole week and in an unusual setting. You will find bank managers sitting next to fintech founders and HR professionals getting to know fintech enthusiasts from all sectors. This way of bringing people together, independent of their background, is our aim.

Apart from fintech companies, banks are strongly represented as event partners and among the participants. What are you trying to achieve for them by organizing this week of events? 

Through its participation and support, the traditional financial industry shows Fintech Week Hamburg not just that it is engaging with the digitalization of the financial industry, but also how. Partners such as TABULARAZA are here offering their own events. For comdirect, we are once again organizing their “Finanzbarcamp”. And Finanzplatz Hamburg e.V. will again invite people to a Fintech Safari. We are lucky enough to have partners for whom digitalization is not just a trendy word to bandy about, but who really try hard to get their organization ready for this new reality.

What does Fintech Week Hamburg offer players from fintech companies?

For fintechs, the week is a bit like a class reunion, but with the added bonus of being able to establish contacts with the new and the old world. We live and work in a world of coopetition: fintechs and banks are not exclusively competitors, but also cooperation partners. We very much take this fact into account during this week. And at the end of the day, it is also important to get everyone on board for the common goal: a successful digitalization of the industry.


What topics characterize your program?

Obviously, the main topic of Fintech Week Hamburg is the digitalization of the financial industry, which our partners approach in very different ways, for example from the perspective of organization, communication, diversion or, on #FinTechnology day, with topics such as robo-advice or bots.

Participants can choose between around 40 events and very diverse formats. What would you recommend to bank employees participating for the first time?

Having a good look at the program is a very important first step. If someone is more interested in gaining insights into fintech companies, they should definitely take part in a safari. For those interested in casual networking, one of the evening events, such as “Fuckup Night”, would be the right thing. And somebody who would like everything at once, but who hasn’t got much time, will be best served by going to one of the large conferences such as “Digitalization of processes 4.0”. But the decision is as just individual as the needs of the participants.

Carolin Neumann & Clas Beese

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