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Equity crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding – what one person can’t do, can be achieved by many

“VR-Crowd” – from an innovative idea to an established equity crowdfunding platform.
Banking for Gen Z: Interview with pockid

Banking for Gen Z – quo vadis pockid?

How can we win over Generation Z to financial products? Interview with Jes Hennig, co-founder and CEO at pockid.
Daniel Schreieber in iInterview about conversational banking

Conversational banking study – chatbots and voicebots from a customer perspective

Interview with Daniel Scheiber, Group Head of Conversational & AI at CREALOGIX
Jens Holezcek in interview about German banking industry's position on the digital euro

What is the German banking industry committee’s position on the digital euro?

Jens Holeczek, representing the Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken, gives us answers on the topic of the digital euro.
Customer interaction via chatbots

Business process automation via chatbots

Interview with Ulf Loetschert of LoyJoy about the opportunities presented by chatbots, from lead generation to the future potential in the coming years.
Chatbots and voicebots

Chatbot Clara Wäller at Westerwald Bank – a success story

How can processes in the customer service center be automated and accelerated using chatbots? Insights into the potential of chatbots in the banking sector.
Interview with Thomas Elm about product design and customer experience

Design before aesthetics: Focus on customer experience

Interview with Thomas Elm, Managing Director at UI/UX provider Goodpatch in Germany
Martin Wallmann from Clearwater Analytics in interview about SaaS

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in financial services

Interview with Martin Wallmann from Clearwater Analytics.
Payment Summit 2021 event in Hamburg

Payment Summit 2021: Payments – the bartender of the e-commerce party

A report from the Payment Summit 2021 in Hamburg.
Trader using mobile phone app as metaphor for f"Robinhood IPO – progressive democratization of the financial market"

Robinhood IPO – progressive democratization of the financial market

Interview with Karl im Brahm, CEO of Avaloq Sourcing AG and Head of Germany of the Avaloq Group
Two happy female friends with laptop and credit card as metaphor for the article "Payments – Made in Germany "Payments – Made in Germany"

Payments – Made in Germany 2.0

Interview with Ralf Gladis, Founder and Managing Director of Computop
Business analysis stockmarket chart in tablet and computer for investment in crisis as metaphor for "Professionalizing revenue management in banking"

Professionalizing revenue management in banking

Interview with Rahul Banerji, Head of Pricing and Billing Europe at Oracle Financial Services.
Business person hand holding mobile phone with icons. concept of business and technology communication in the network. as metaphor for "Platform economy—BACK to innovation in banking"

Platform economy—BACK to innovation in banking

Banks once knew how to innovate. Why should they not rediscover this ability?
Team investify / interview with investify – Robo Advisory Market 2020

Interview with investify—robo advisory market 2020

In conversation with Dr. Harald Brock, Managing Director, investify.
In conversation with Björn Siegismund, CIO / Robo Advisor Kapilendo / Robo Advisory Market 2020

Interview with Kapilendo—robo advisory market 2020

In conversation with Björn Siegismund, CIO, Kapilendo.
Björn Schmuck / Interview with Robo Advisor / bevestor: Robo Advisory 2020

Interview with bevestor—robo advisory market 2020

In conversation with Björn Schmuck, Managing Director, bevestor.
Sloth Diversifikator - Interview with Diversifikator – robo advisory maket 2020

Interview with Diversifikator—robo advisory market 2020

In conversation with Prof. Dr. Dirk Söhnholz, Managing Director, Diversifikator.
Martin Daut / interview with robo advisor quirion / robo advisory market 2020

Interview with quirion—robo advisory market 2020

In conversation with Martin Daut, Managing Director, quirion.
Fabian Knigge / Interview with ginmon

Interview with ginmon—robo advisory market 2020

In conversation with Fabian Knigge, CIO, Ginmon
Abstract image: Touch the future as metaphor for the interview with growney - robo advisory market 2020

Interview with growney—robo advisory market 2020

In conversation with Thimm Blickensdorf, Head of Marketing, Sales and Customer Service, growney
Interview with VisualVest / Robo Advice / Robo Advisory Market 2020

Interview with VisualVest—robo advisory market 2020

In conversation with Dr. Olaf Zeitniz, Managing Director, VisualVest
zeb chatbot / Working in times of coronavirus—evaluation of the interactive chatbot survey

Working in times of coronavirus—evaluation of the interactive chatbot survey

How do people working in the financial sector cope with the situation?
Thomas Hilgendorff, Yapeal’s founders and CEO / Interview with Yapeal / BankingHub

Stone money and first FinTech license in Switzerland—how do they fit together?

Interview with Thomas Hilgendorff, Yapeal’s founder and CEO.
Title image: Second Hohenheim symposium for building societies 2019 / BankingHub

Second Conference for Building Societies in Hohenheim 2019

Successful second industry conference for building societies, organized by zeb and the University of Hohenheim
Banking 4.0 at Deutsche Bank / BankingHub

Digital Factory—Banking 4.0 at Deutsche Bank

zeb visits Deutsche Bank’s digital research and development center
MotionsCloud – insurance claims management with AI

MotionsCloud – use of AI in insurance claims management

Interview with Lex Tan, founder and CEO of MotionsCloud.

FinTech Week Hamburg 2017—Interview with co-founder

5 questions for Carolin Neumann, co-founder of FinTech Week and finletter.

Savedroid – an innovative way of saving money in your everyday life

An interview with Marco Trautmann, COO and co-founder of savedroid.

FinTech events from EBS Alumni Insights

Two exciting evenings with EBS alumni and experts from the FinTech, InsurTech and banking sectors.

Brexit does not kill the Financial Markets: An Ode to Regulatory Oversight

Brexit – The unthinkable! While most market commentary is focusing on what has happened so far, there is less attention to the financial market


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