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7 Questions with Christopher Grätz, co-founder and CEO of kapilendo

Get an inside view of a successful FinTech story.

2015 – Looking back at the 2nd year

At the end of the 2nd year of BankingHub, I would like to say thank you to our many readers

WebSummit 2015 in Dublin: 40,000 visitors, 2,100 startups and 1,000 investors

From the 3rd to the 5th of November, the WebSummit 2015 took place in Dublin again. Within five years, the small technology event in

Websummit Dublin – First day summary

WebSummit 2015 has started in Dublin with 42.000 attendees from 136 nations. Over 2.100 startups have a chance to get contacts of nearly 1.000

IFZ conference — Innovative offers in retail banking

135 participants flocked to the sold out IFZ conference on “Innovative offers in retail banking” at the Institute for Financial Services (IFZ) on June

Are banks worth more dead than alive?

How to explain banks’ equity value despite an eroded ROE.

How Central Banks create incomplete markets

Case Study Swiss National Bank: Monetary policy causing market segregation

Does non-interest income boost banks’ bottom lines?

A recent study offers some promising empirical evidence about whether bank performance is positively impacted by diversification into non-traditional (ie, non-interest income related) activities

2014 – A year draws to a close

We hope that our readers have been able to gain insights into current developments in the financial services industry, thanks to many contributions from

Nuclear vs. Financial Market Meltdowns

How effective is government regulation in reducing high-consequence accidents?

Event report “Next banking: Who will operate the banking business of tomorrow?”

Panel discussion in the heart of Berlin about the banking business of the future.

Déjà-vu: Negative Interest Rates

As of today, the ECB is entering unchartered territory after having lowered the overnight deposit rate to -0.1%. This is what it means for

Killing banks softly – Deflation is coming!

One of my favorite charts is showing the decoupling of the long-term risk-free interest rate in the U.S. versus the one in Europe (Graph

Finance 2.0 — the conference on next-generation financial service providers

On May 21, 2014, the Finance 2.0 conference held in Zurich was again attended by bankers as well as Swiss and German FinTechs to

re:publica 2014 — annual meeting of the digital community

The NSA surveillance affair as well as changes in a digital society are the topics dominating Europe’s net conference.

Efma Distribution Summit 2014 in Amsterdam

At the efma-distribution-summit, 80 banks and companies present current initiatives for the further development of sales models

Bitcoin — A new currency in the crisis

Every day relevant news and in-depth analyses about current banking topics by our zeb experts.

A fire sale of epic proportions

A sell-off of European non-performing loans is taking place in front of our eyes.

Commentary: Promiscuity in banking and the effect of subsidized checking accounts

at least 11 banks in Germany offer their customers money for switching their checking account.


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