Abstract space concept image as metaphor for electronic securities and the choice of register solution

Electronic securities and the choice of register solution

How is the market for electronic securities and technical solutions developing? Is scalability the main differentiator? In cooperation with tokenforge, we take a look
Jens Holezcek in interview about German banking industry's position on the digital euro

What is the German banking industry committee’s position on the digital euro?

Jens Holeczek, representing the Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken, gives us answers on the topic of the digital euro.
Digital assets for regional banks: opportunities & challenges

Digital assets – opportunities and challenges for regional banks

The high demand from retail customers for digital assets and cryptocurrencies is proving to be a challenge for regional banks!
Image of Michael Reuter. Interview for Blockchain – Banking and Beyond

Blockchain – Banking and Beyond

Use cases, opportunities and challenges—an interview with Michael Reuter (Datarella)


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