Medium-term interest rate scenarios and implications for European banks

Medium-term interest rate scenarios and implications for European banks

What medium-term interest rate scenarios are possible? What are the consequences for European banks? And what control levers, if any, do institutions have in

ECB specifies ILAAP and ICAAP requirements

Significant consequences for implementation within banks.

Update: Analytical credit dataset of the ECB — AnaCredit

Further developing banking supervision based on granular credit data in reporting as of 2018.
comprehensive assessments

ECB Banking Supervision Comprehensive Assessments (CAs)—Lessons learned

Overview & Outlook.

ERF BIRD SDD — Proposal from the ECB for the future development of reporting

Long-term transition towards delivery of granular data.

SREP (supervisory review and evaluation process): Blessing or curse?

Consider supervisory review an opportunity

The ECB stress test – challenging the European banking sector’s substance

The ECB stress test as next core element in ECB’s Comprehensive Assessment

Déjà-vu: Negative Interest Rates

As of today, the ECB is entering unchartered territory after having lowered the overnight deposit rate to -0.1%. This is what it means for


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