Tobias Seidl, co-founder of STOKR

Alternative asset classes in the form of security tokens

Interview with Tobias Seidl, co-founder of STOKR.
Equity crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding – what one person can’t do, can be achieved by many

“VR-Crowd” – from an innovative idea to an established equity crowdfunding platform.
Trader using mobile phone app as metaphor for f"Robinhood IPO – progressive democratization of the financial market"

Robinhood IPO – progressive democratization of the financial market

Interview with Karl im Brahm, CEO of Avaloq Sourcing AG and Head of Germany of the Avaloq Group
robo advisors

Robo Advisors — Automated financial investments?

Trend of the year 2016: FinTechs in investing.


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