Dynamic risk management – revised core model

Dynamic risk management – revised core model

Dynamic Risk Management (DRM) is a standard currently under development to reflect interest rate risk management measures in financial reporting.

Sourcing beyond cost cutting

The trend of digitalization has arrived in the financial services sector, becoming an item on the management agenda of many European banks

Onshore? Offshore? Nearshore!

Optimizing value chain efficiency of a bank through nearshoring of non-core functions

Implementing compliance and CSR as a basis for sustainable sourcing and shared services

New challenges for sourcing and shared services

Service provider management — important determining factor of successful sourcing relations

Sourcing in the financial services sector as a lasting trend with significant volume

The honeymoon is over — What happens when sourcing projects escalate

Of keeping a cool head even in critical phases of long sourcing projects

Cloud Computing for Financial Services Providers: Hype or Opportunity?

he Hype of Cloud Computing for Financial Service Providers


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