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Bank clerk crisis – The financial sector’s fight for talents

How banks can position themselves in the fight for attractive talents.

Savedroid – an innovative way of saving money in your everyday life

An interview with Marco Trautmann, COO and co-founder of savedroid.

Change management in the digital era

LISTEN TO AUDIO VERSION: The desired success depends on the willingness of the team to adapt Primary banks and associations

Blockchain in retail banking

Are there possibilities in the application of blockchain in retail banking in the fields of identity management, contract management and payment services?

General Data Protection Regulation

A Comprehensive Approach to Meet Requirements in a Digitalized World

Ensuring compliance in highly regulated sectors with the help of digitalization

zeb: Mathias, to introduce your company can you please elaborate on the main pillars of your business model? Mathias Wegmüller:

Cutting IT costs in a smart way—our swim aid for CIOs under pressure

A new approach to IT cost management and cost optimization.


New Regulation on Payment Services Forces Banks to Act

“ pulse check” study: Banks are letting digital transformation wash over them

Majority of banks shy away from modernizing their IT architecture

Data—from regulatory burden to strategic asset

Integrated architectures offer more than one response to regulatory requirements.


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