Agility in the modern corporate world

Agility in the modern corporate world: from trend to necessity!

Agility is more than just the application of agile methodologies. It is a comprehensive approach aimed at enhancing the adaptability of individuals, teams
What is holacracy?

What is holacracy?

In the often traditional and regulated financial industry, holacracy is proving to be an innovative model that meets the requirements of results-orientation and adaptability.
abstract imgage: E2E transformation: breaking down silos for more customer satisfaction

E2E transformation: breaking down silos for more customer satisfaction, efficiency and entrepreneurship

What are the key factors for long-term customer focus, efficiency and entrepreneurship in E2E transformation?
Agile requirements prioritization

Agile requirements prioritization – who comes first?

Approaches to prioritizing different business requirements for financial service providers’ IT.
Banking 4.0 at Deutsche Bank / BankingHub

Digital Factory—Banking 4.0 at Deutsche Bank

zeb visits Deutsche Bank’s digital research and development center
abstract financial charts as metaphor for agile process management – processes reinvented

Agile process management – processes reinvented

Practicable implementation of agile process management

Innovation by script?

Established companies enviously eye the agility of businesses such as Facebook, Google or Amazon


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