Marina Fleischhauer and Daniel Werther

Construction financing: the path to success

In an interview with Marina Fleischhauer, head of the ecosystems department, and Daniel Werther, head of sales for construction financing at Volksbank Mittelhessen, we
Light trail over the city as metaphor for: marathon towards “net zero” the role of banks

Marathon towards “net zero”: the role of banks in achieving climate neutrality

How to develop a science-based pathway aimed at reducing financed GHG emissions to achieve “net-zero” status.
Treasury goes green: green funding

Green funding: ESG has arrived in treasury

ESG has become a key topic of public debate. It is also being widely discussed within the financial services industry. In this article, we
Marco Wolf, co-founder of UK start-up Novus World Ltd

From bank to B2B payment service provider: the exciting journey of a sustainable fintech company

In the interview with Marco Wolf, co-founder of UK start-up Novus World Ltd, we talk about how it all began, the challenges NOVUS had
Interview with Dr. Matthias Breier,Head of ESG Product at FE fundinfo

Putting an end to greenwashing accusations – innovative ESG data solutions in the fund industry

How innovative ESG data solutions provide more transparency in the fund industry.
Carbon accounting: Managing financed GHG emissions

Carbon accounting: Managing financed GHG emissions

The EU is facing a massive transformation of the real and the financial economy due to climate change. Operational and regulatory relevance of carbon
Cerative competition for students: Sustainable banking of tommorrow

Creative competition for students: sustainable banking of tomorrow

The BankingHub is looking for you as a student with creative talent! Post your content on the BankingHub and win great prizes!
EU taxonomy: special challenges for automotive banks

EU taxonomy: special challenges for automotive banks

When is an investment classified as taxonomy-aligned? The business of automotive banks against the background of the EU taxonomy.
ESMA’s Sustainable Finance Roadmap

ESMA’s Sustainable Finance Roadmap

Sustainable finance is an integral part of the real economy and the financial markets. Read how the Sustainable Finance Roadmap helps in the fight
ESG reporting: challenges and opportunities

ESG reporting: challenges and opportunities for financial institutions

Focus on sustainability risk reporting
EU taxonomy: sustainable or not?

The EU taxonomy: sustainable or not? That’s the question

The EU taxonomy for sustainable investments is the key basis for assessing the sustainability of economic activities and is relevant for several other EU
windturbines as metaphor for sustainability in corporate banking

Sustainability in corporate banking

From wallflower to integral strategy component: Perspectives and considerations for long-term success in corporate banking
Umwelt-Technologie-Konzept als Metapher für den Artikel "The state of sustainable investment funds in Europe"

The state of sustainable investment funds in Europe

Key growth levers and market challenges.
Green view between skysrapers as metaphor for "Disclosure Regulation EU 2019/2088"

Disclosure Regulation EU 2019/2088

The Disclosure Regulation EU 2019/2088 urges financial market participants and financial advisors to update their disclosed product information on sustainability issues.
Wind power generation as a metaphor for the article "Why are ESG investments rising?"

ESG investing: the rise of a new standard

Current ESG trends and future challenges for financial institutions

Survey result on digitalization and sustainability: A lot of work ahead in both fields

Banks are looking for answers to cost pressure and new competition.

Sustainable Banking – promising business field or gimmick?

Handsome profits on the horizon


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