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Design thinking

Design thinking is a process-oriented and iterative innovation method that helps develop new products, services and customer experiences.
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How it works

  1. Based on questions (for example, “What services should the account offer?”), customer experiences are collected and aggregated via research and interviews.
  2. Then, brainstorming and creative methods are used to develop and deepen ideas and solutions for the identified fields of action.
  3. These are prioritized, prototyped, customer-tested and further developed through feedback.

Through the strong focus on the user and their wishes and needs, design thinking can create customized and inspiring solutions for the customer.The approach is based on interdisciplinary teamwork and a working culture open to innovation which promotes creative self-confidence and a high orientation towards results.

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Sandra Douqué / Autorin BankingHub

Sandra Douqué

Partner Office Hamburg

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