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Wind power generation as a metaphor for the article "Why are ESG investments rising?"

ESG investing: the rise of a new standard

Current ESG trends and future challenges for financial institutions

Robo Advisors in Luxembourg

A look at market players

Robo advisor – new standards in asset management

Under the terms “robo advice” respectively “robo advisor”, a new type of digital asset management respectively its providers has established itself over the past

Finansliv Fintech Forum at Berns 2017

Articles, topics, trends & news in the financial industry: a step ahead in banking with! ✓

Brexit consequences for the UK asset management industry

Brexit affects up to €2.0 trillion AuM with European origination – future EU market access strategy as key challenge

Small banking box—more proportionality in banking supervision for medium-sized institutions

Since the beginning of the financial market crisis, institutions have had to deal with very extensive and dynamic regulation.

Ensuring compliance in highly regulated sectors with the help of digitalization

zeb: Mathias, to introduce your company can you please elaborate on the main pillars of your business model? Mathias Wegmüller:

Market Abuse Directive (MAD II)

New requirements for strengthening the market integrity

“Simplify your bank” – levers for increasing profitability and reducing risk

The wealth management industry is facing multiple challenges. Shrinking fee revenues combined with low or even negative interest rates erode profitabilty

Part II: Complexity kills – How European banking models have to change in a complex world

In the first part of our 2015 European Banking Study we scrutinized the top 50 European banks with respect to their current situation, in


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