Request to Pay: automated processing of invoices with SEPA

Request to Pay: automated processing of invoices with SEPA

What does Request to Pay mean? And how is the savings potential through end-to-end automation with R2P?
Intelligent process automation: RPA

Intelligent process automation – what’s that? Definition and development

Intelligent process automation refers to the transformation of business processes that previously could not be automated, because they involved the processing of unstructured data,
Martin Wallmann from Clearwater Analytics in interview about SaaS

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in financial services

Interview with Martin Wallmann from Clearwater Analytics.
Technologieprozesse als Metapher für den Artikel "Payments back office automation regarding customer experience"

Payments: back office automation regarding customer experience

The payments industry is facing high cost pressure and the economic recession. A complete reshuffle of banking operations becomes inevitable.

RPA and AI in building societies: “Love at second sight?”

RPA and AI in the corporate management of building societies: an assessment of current application potentials.
MotionsCloud – insurance claims management with AI

MotionsCloud – use of AI in insurance claims management

Interview with Lex Tan, founder and CEO of MotionsCloud.

The future starts today: digital revolution in the lending process

Target images between the poles of technical possibilities and legal requirements


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