data analytics

network concept as a metaphor for Target Operating Model 4.0 – asset managers in a fully digital target picture

Tar­get Ope­ra­ting Mo­del 4.0 – asset managers in a fully di­gi­tal tar­get pic­ture

The value chain of asset managers could be almost completely automated and digitally mapped – in theory, human action and interaction are hardly necessary
Woman sitting at desk and working with AI at home as metaphor for "AI for efficient customer communication"

AI for efficient customer communication

Say goodbye to chaotic communication and stacks of paperwork and learn more about a better fit and reduction of unnecessary letters to customer using
Robot's interface as metaphor for "A Treasury that manages Itself with AI and Digital Technologies"

A Treasury that Manages Itself with AI and Digital Technologies

How digital transformation can succeed in Treasury and how it changes the Treasurer’s role
Abstract image "data integration" in "the vision of company-wide data integration—bank-wide corporate dictionary 2.0"

The vision of company-wide data integration—bank-wide corporate dictionary 2.0

Company-wide integrated and harmonized data models at credit institutions as a solution for current and future challenges.
The market data trap / BankingHub

The market data trap – managing complex issues

How banks can manage and optimize rising costs for financial data vendors

Data governance removes blinders

Regulations enforce profound restructuring

Regulatory required data quality as decision-making support

different regulatory requirements have been trying to further enhance the capacities of banks to cope with stress and crisis situations.


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