Competition in Chess game is a competition game in business as metaphor for the article "Will banks no longer play a role in the payment market?"

Will banks no longer play a role in the payment market?

Future payment market: Why it is crucial that banks position themselves strategically in the payment market – and what options they have to do
Shot of businesspeople turning ideals into deals as a metaphor for the article "Mergers & acquisitions of fintechs"

Mergers & acquisitions of fintechs

Market overview and current challenges.
Business people looking at concept papers as metaphor for "Merger and acquisition series (M&A) in the payments market"

Merger and acquisition series (M&A) in the payments market continues

Overview of current M&A activities and outlook in the payments market
Mobile Payment as a metaphor for "Payments—an industry undergoing radical change"

Payments—an industry undergoing radical change

Which strategic changes are banks and payment service providers facing today and in the future?
Image as metaphor Mergers & Aquisitions and digitalization

Mergers & Acquisitions and digitalization

Digitalization is and will remain particularly present in the financial sector. Main drivers are anticipated earnings and cost savings.


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