From open banking to open finance

From open banking to open finance

How to win the next data opening wave
Brain with wires as metaphor for the possibilities for AI in the financial sector are manifold

Many opportunities for AI in the financial sector: Visa is one example

Jeroen van Oerle, portfolio manager, Global FinTech, discusses the application of generative AI, using Visa as an example.
Interview with Michael Hülsiggensen, Head of DACH Market at SurePay

Instant payments on the rise: “IBAN Name Check” as a means of combating fraud

Michael Hülsiggensen, Head of the D-A-CH region at SurePay, gives us insights into the developments of instant payments and the associated challenges in fraud
Abstract flying in futuristic corridor as metaphor for The future role of BigTechs in financial services

The future role of BigTechs in financial services

BigTechs’ disruption of financial services is just getting started: the future role of BigTechs in financial services.
Click to Pay: bye-bye credit card number

Click to Pay: bye-bye credit card number

Click to Pay is the catchy name of a new process that is set to become established in German online retail in 2023.
Malte Huffmann, co-founder and co-CEO of Mondu,

Ten quick questions for Malte Huffmann about the “BNPL” market

Trends and market potential in the “Buy Now, Pay Later” market 1) Mr. Huffmann, what trend development has Mondu observed
Interview with Günther Froschermeier, founding member of CCV GmbH, about the future of the payment industry

Where is the payments industry heading?

Interview with Günther Froschermeier, co-founder of CCV GmbH, about competition in the payments industry and the latest developments in payment transactions.
Interview with Till Keller about SME foreign payments

Challenges for SMEs in international payments – can FinTechs help?

Interview with Till Keller, Managing Director FX Sales – Germany, Switzerland, Austria at Ebury, on the current challenges in foreign payments and related solutions.
Mr. Frank Breuss, CEO of Nikulipe

Local Payment Methods for Fast-Growing and Emerging Markets

Mr. Frank Breuss (CEO of Nikulipe) about the provision of local payment methods in Fast-growing and Emerging markets, the growth potential in the e-commerce
EPI – Euopean payment initiative

EPI – a take on the European payment initiative

In parallel with discussions among the members of the EPI interim company, we sat down and developed five theses around the rise (and possible
Payment Summit 2021 event in Hamburg

Payment Summit 2021: Payments – the bartender of the e-commerce party

A report from the Payment Summit 2021 in Hamburg.
BNPL – buy now, pay later on computer display

BNPL – buy now, pay later

How consumer credit is evolving in the 21st century
Competition in Chess game is a competition game in business as metaphor for the article "Will banks no longer play a role in the payment market?"

Will banks no longer play a role in the payment market?

Future payment market: Why it is crucial that banks position themselves strategically in the payment market – and what options they have to do
Two happy female friends with laptop and credit card as metaphor for the article "Payments – Made in Germany "Payments – Made in Germany"

Payments – Made in Germany 2.0

Interview with Ralf Gladis, Founder and Managing Director of Computop
Technologieprozesse als Metapher für den Artikel "Payments back office automation regarding customer experience"

Payments: back office automation regarding customer experience

The payments industry is facing high cost pressure and the economic recession. A complete reshuffle of banking operations becomes inevitable.
Man paying contactless as metaphor for "Future of Payments 2021–trend

Future of Payments—trends in payment markets

What’s next in payments 2021? How is the future of payments shaping up? Some trends can be observed…
Businessman using mobile phone as a metaphor for the article "Mobile payments in Germany—a heterogenous market"

Mobile payments in Germany—a heterogenous market

Although Germany is known as a cash-dominated economy and the number of mobile payment transactions is still very low, especially in comparison to other
Close up of mobile phones being kept together as metaphor for "The future of mobile payments in Germany"

The future of mobile payments in Germany

What will be the impact of digitalization and COVID-19 in the land of cash?
People prototyping on the user experience as metaphor for the article "Tailoring the ideal user experience in payments"

Tailoring the ideal user experience in payments

Creating a new product requires forging an absolutely new level of interaction.
Business people looking at concept papers as metaphor for "Merger and acquisition series (M&A) in the payments market"

Merger and acquisition series (M&A) in the payments market continues

Overview of current M&A activities and outlook in the payments market
Mobile Payment as a metaphor for "Payments—an industry undergoing radical change"

Payments—an industry undergoing radical change

Which strategic changes are banks and payment service providers facing today and in the future?

Winning strategies for a PSD2 world

Change of retail banking as we know it.


New Regulation on Payment Services Forces Banks to Act

SEPA – A bottomless pit?

The SEPA credit transfer and SEPA direct debit as well as IBAN and BIC have become an integral part of our everyday life since

Trends in the German credit card market – Technology

German credit card market influenced by three central technological developments

Banking innovation: Paying with PayPal at the PoS

PayPal’s mobile payment service for smart phone users in selected shops as a first step towards the end of the primacy of cash


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