Our current studies for banks at a glance

An overview of our zeb study publications, trend analyses and research reports on current topics in the financial services sector. You can download the complete studies by clicking on the links in the articles below.

The positioning of European asset managers

Asset Management Study: trends and success factors for profitable business in the long term

Current geopolitical developments and the resulting economic shocks pose new challenges for asset managers. In our asset management study conducted in 2023, we analyse
A view of the sky as a metaphor for a view of the future of corporate banking

Corporate Banking Study 10.0

Given the many new opportunities that have arisen in corporate banking, banks’ earnings potential is expected to rebound in the medium term.
Cover: Private Banking Study Austria 2022

Private Banking Study Austria 2022

Analysis, simulation, focus topics and outlook: the private banking market in Austria.
Cover whitepaper: Private Banking Study Germany 2022

Private Banking Study Germany 2022

The assets of German private banking customers are growing steadily: in 2022, they already amounted to EUR 7.2 trillion and are expected to increase
AI is becoming more important for building societies

AI is becoming more important for building societies – study results

In 2021, for the second time since 2019, zeb conducted a study on the use of AI in the building society sector. The results
Blue particle data making the shape of glowing network as metaphor for the transformation study 2022

Transformation study 2022 (zeb)

Characteristics of a successful corporate culture and levers for its establishment.
Investment strategies and process isometric as metaphor for "Five years of IRRBB – a status quo assessment for interest rate risk management"

Five years of IRRBB – a status quo assessment for interest rate risk management

Interest Rate Risk Study 2020: Current implementation status of IRRBB requirements and challenges.
bstract cityscape with investment theme background as metaphor for the article "European banks’ upcoming full-year figures"

Closing the book on 2020 – what to expect from European banks’ upcoming full-year figures

Preview on the status quo analysis of the European Banking Study 2021.
Woman checking her smartwatch as metapher for the result "more speed and focus required" pulse check: Study on the digital transformation of European banks

Study on the digital transformation of European banks – more speed and focus required

Is digital transformation in full swing or has it stopped? Get an overview of the core contents of the pulse check study on
Article about Asset Management Study 2020

Asset Management 2020—insights into the European Asset Management Study

From comfort zone to danger zone?
Businessman using tablet analyzing data as metaphor for Pricing study—remain profitable in Private Banking / BankingHub

Pricing study—remaining profitable in Private Banking

zeb.Private Banking Pricing Pulse Check.
Asset management – the discomfort zone

Asset management—the discomfort zone

Defining a distinctive strategy for European asset managers.
european banking study

European Banking Study

Profit and capital gaps in a changing European banking environment …and how to close them.

Private Banking Study Luxembourg: Challenges, Trends and Strategies to succeed

A market facing significant upheaval.

Part II: Complexity kills – How European banking models have to change in a complex world

In the first part of our 2015 European Banking Study we scrutinized the top 50 European banks with respect to their current situation, in

Complexity kills – How European banking models have to change in a complex world

In the aftermath of the past two substantial crises the European banking industry has encountered massive interventions on part of the regulatory authorities

The Italian Retail Banking Study

A perspective analysis of retail banking in Italy

European Banking Study 2013/2014 – Management Summary

Banks have to overcome the habit of “thinking in silos”, instead a holistic approach is needed

European Banking Study 2013/2014 – Wholesale Banks

In wholesale banking, purely balance sheet driven business models will not be sustainable

European Banking Study 2013/2014 – Universal Banks

For universal banks, the fight for capital and de-risking remain on top of the strategic agenda


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