Finance & Risk

Regulatory innovations and requirements

Ways towards sustainable bank management: fulfilling a bank’s very own transformation functions; maturity, lot size and risk transformation.

MiFID II / MiFIR: Quo vadis, securities business?

zeb survey illustrates four challenges for European financial market

ECB specifies ILAAP and ICAAP requirements

Significant consequences for implementation within banks.

Small banking box—more proportionality in banking supervision for medium-sized institutions

Since the beginning of the financial market crisis, institutions have had to deal with very extensive and dynamic regulation.

Comprehensive standardization of disclosure and active management involvement

Stricter requirements for market discipline as of key date Dec. 31, 2017
regulatory efficiency

Regulatory efficiency: Ten steps to get off the regulatory treadmill

A short guideline.
IT architecture

Think and report in alternatives

scenario capability on BCBS #239-compliant IT architecture

IDD and MiFID II – regulatory requierements with major impact on the business models of banks and insurance companies

Both MiFID II and IDD can be relevant for banks and insurance companies.

Capital requirements for operational risk – new SMA

BCBS #355 proposes a standardized approach that is planned to replace all three existing approaches.

General Data Protection Regulation

A Comprehensive Approach to Meet Requirements in a Digitalized World


New Regulation on Payment Services Forces Banks to Act

Market Abuse Directive (MAD II)

New requirements for strengthening the market integrity

LCR and NSFR simulation

A core component of a holistic liquidity risk management approach

Final BCBS standards on interest rate risk in the banking book

Revised IRR principles raise Pillar 2 and disclosure requirements for IRRBB.

Rethinking Performance Management

An integrated approach is needed

Taking the stress out of the stress test

Is your organization stress test ready?

Delegated Act Leverage Ratio

Leverage ratio Delegated Regulation—next step on the way to introducing a leverage ratio.

BIRD: supervisory authority’s new data model for regulatory reporting

When does the implementation of the new regulatory data model in regulatory reporting really make sense?

Update: Analytical credit dataset of the ECB — AnaCredit

Further developing banking supervision based on granular credit data in reporting as of 2018.
comprehensive assessments

ECB Banking Supervision Comprehensive Assessments (CAs)—Lessons learned

Overview & Outlook.

zeb on the future of European Banks

It’s time to leave the loss-making years behind and take action
BCBS 328

Sound Corporate Governance Principles For Banks (BCBS 328)

Consolidation of existing regulations with minor enhancements to risk governance.

ERF BIRD SDD — Proposal from the ECB for the future development of reporting

Long-term transition towards delivery of granular data.

IRRBB – Consultative paper on interest rate risk in the banking book

SBCBS 319 consultative paper puts business models to the test

Revised standardised approach for credit risk — How the new floor regulations reduce capital ratios of IRBA institutions

While there are already numerous challenging regulatory requirements, new and far-reaching reforms are being heralded as part of the preparations for Basel IV.

Finalization of the 4th anti-money laundering directive

The 4th anti money laundering directive will require the obliged entities to change existing procedures and at the same time establish and define new

Integrated planning as response to growing requirements

The challenge of integrated planning comes from combining the various perspectives of P&L-based figures, balance sheet figures and regulatory ratios.

FRTB – New Market Risk Framework polarizes Regulators and Institutions

The currently discussed draft of the FRTB proposes a clear boundary between trading and banking book positions.

Data collection on exposures to shadow banks by the EBA

The guideline aims at limiting exposures to shadow banks to avoid concentration risks.

Quantification and management of model risks against the backdrop of current regulatory requirements

Quantification and management of model risks against the backdrop of current regulatory requirements – Challenges of dealing with model risks

Gaining the competitive edge – measuring and assessing an organization’s risk culture

Risk culture is a crucial factor when it comes to the daily business of handling various risks, especially in the financial industry. The long-term


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