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A view of the sky as a metaphor for a view of the future of corporate banking

Corporate Banking Study 10.0

Given the many new opportunities that have arisen in corporate banking, banks’ earnings potential is expected to rebound in the medium term.
Tjark Klindworth, Managing Director of QUIDT GmbH

Beyond banking: opportunities for regional banks to position themselves in the market

Interview with Tjark Klindworth from Volksbank eG Südheide – Isenhagener Land – Altmark. With the joint venture QUIDT, Tjark Klindworth develops innovative, digital solutions
Financing business successions as new revenue streams

Corporate banking – financing business successions as new revenue streams

Business successions as a source of income for regional banks.
windturbines as metaphor for sustainability in corporate banking

Sustainability in corporate banking

From wallflower to integral strategy component: Perspectives and considerations for long-term success in corporate banking
Businessman checking the stock market as metaphor for "Regional banks in crisis mode: What will happen after the coronavirus pandemic

Regional banks in crisis mode—what will happen after the coronavirus pandemic?

Crisis management: act immediately and readjust in the medium term.

Middle Office – The Endangered Species of the Corporate Bank

A Middle office is no longer a must-have function in banking. This is due to product and process standardization as well as automation among


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