credit management

Credit business: Digital credit events 2021

Digital credit events 2021

A global perspective on key events: We analyzed and evaluated credit events from more than 45 countries on five continents over the course of
windturbines as metaphor for sustainability in corporate banking

Sustainability in corporate banking

From wallflower to integral strategy component: Perspectives and considerations for long-term success in corporate banking
Investment strategies and process isometric as metaphor for "Five years of IRRBB – a status quo assessment for interest rate risk management"

Five years of IRRBB – a status quo assessment for interest rate risk management

Interest Rate Risk Study 2020: Current implementation status of IRRBB requirements and challenges.
Final EBA requirements for the estimation of downturn LGDs / BankingHub

Final EBA requirements for the estimation of downturn LGDs

Focus: Modeling of risk parameters – new importance for downturn parameters in IRBA model development.

“The sooner, the better”: a pro-active approach to NPL management

Call for action (not only) for Italian banks: why and how to address credit quality issues at an early stage

Taking the stress out of the stress test

Is your organization stress test ready?

Update: Analytical credit dataset of the ECB — AnaCredit

Further developing banking supervision based on granular credit data in reporting as of 2018.

7 Questions with Christopher Grätz, co-founder and CEO of kapilendo

Get an inside view of a successful FinTech story.

Revised standardised approach for credit risk — How the new floor regulations reduce capital ratios of IRBA institutions

While there are already numerous challenging regulatory requirements, new and far-reaching reforms are being heralded as part of the preparations for Basel IV.

Trends in the German credit card market – Technology

German credit card market influenced by three central technological developments

Crowdfunding – An overview

Financing through crowdfunding while evading risk assessors of banks has become an increasingly popular phenomenon in the past years

P2P lending — BankingHub interviews Lendico

We were able to talk to Lendico about previous successes, credit processes as well as the German FinTech and start-up scene. Many thanks to


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