Business person hand holding mobile phone with icons. concept of business and technology communication in the network. as metaphor for "Platform economy—BACK to innovation in banking"

Platform economy—BACK to innovation in banking

Banks once knew how to innovate. Why should they not rediscover this ability?
Abstract global network concept as metaphor for "What innovations are currently launched on the market?"

What innovations are currently launched on the market?

From retail banking to wealth management.
Abstract science, circle global network connection in hands as metaphor for innovations in CEE banking – shopping advisor Goodie

Innovations in CEE banking – shopping advisor Goodie

Goodie: a PSD-II-ready customer acquisition tool?

Savedroid – an innovative way of saving money in your everyday life

An interview with Marco Trautmann, COO and co-founder of savedroid.

Change management in the digital era

LISTEN TO AUDIO VERSION: The desired success depends on the willingness of the team to adapt Primary banks and associations


New Regulation on Payment Services Forces Banks to Act
Quarter of the Future: Banking in a digitalized world - Deutsche Bank

Quarter of the Future: Banking in a digitalized world

Opening of the Deutsche Bank flagship branch

Telecom banks 2 years after launch—success or failure?

Evaluation of bank telecom joint ventures in Poland.

Mining-driven process controlling, or: What does the process look like?

Analyzing process data based on banks’ current IT infrastructure.

5 Myths about Design Thinking

A look behind the scenes.
COO Agenda

COO agenda 2020: Trends and need for action in banking from a COO perspective

Digitalization, regulatory and pressure for rentability are the challenges for every COO, presented and analyzed in the COO agenda 2020.
robo advisors

Robo Advisors — Automated financial investments?

Trend of the year 2016: FinTechs in investing.

7 Questions with Christopher Grätz, co-founder and CEO of kapilendo

Get an inside view of a successful FinTech story.

Innovation – what’s to be done?

Presently, innovation is much in vogue. Describing oneself as innovative is popular amongst all that have a respectable opinion of themselves

Innovations in CEE banking – emergence of telecom banks in Poland

Three out of four major Polish mobile telecom operators decided to launch their banking ventures. The article focuses on development of telecom banks in

Innovation by script?

Established companies enviously eye the agility of businesses such as Facebook, Google or Amazon

Innovations in CEE banking – example of ALEO by ING in Poland

This article starts a series aimed at analyses of different examples of innovations in CEE with focus on Poland. First part presents selected statistics

Trends in the German credit card market – Technology

German credit card market influenced by three central technological developments

Crowdfunding – An overview

Financing through crowdfunding while evading risk assessors of banks has become an increasingly popular phenomenon in the past years

re:publica 2014 — annual meeting of the digital community

The NSA surveillance affair as well as changes in a digital society are the topics dominating Europe’s net conference.

Banking innovation: Paying with PayPal at the PoS

PayPal’s mobile payment service for smart phone users in selected shops as a first step towards the end of the primacy of cash

Efma Distribution Summit 2014 in Amsterdam

At the efma-distribution-summit, 80 banks and companies present current initiatives for the further development of sales models

Bitcoin — A new currency in the crisis

Every day relevant news and in-depth analyses about current banking topics by our zeb experts.

Cloud Computing for Financial Services Providers: Hype or Opportunity?

he Hype of Cloud Computing for Financial Service Providers

Digital change — Opportunity and challenge for banks

Digital innovations are increasingly influencing the everyday lives of many people. These are the opportunities and challenges for banks


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