Futuristic technology tunnel: Intelligent automation of real estate finance

Intelligent automation of real estate finance: possibilities of RPA and AI

Document processing using the example of real estate finance.
Intelligent process automation: RPA

Intelligent process automation – what’s that? Definition and development

Intelligent process automation refers to the transformation of business processes that previously could not be automated, because they involved the processing of unstructured data,
Robot's interface as metaphor for "A Treasury that manages Itself with AI and Digital Technologies"

A Treasury that Manages Itself with AI and Digital Technologies

How digital transformation can succeed in Treasury and how it changes the Treasurer’s role
Businessman touching global network and data customer connection as metaphor for Process management—no luxury, but a must-have!

Process management—no luxury, but a must-have!

Results from the zeb survey on process management in medium-sized banks.

RPA and AI in building societies: “Love at second sight?”

RPA and AI in the corporate management of building societies: an assessment of current application potentials.
Innovations in Trade finance / BankingHub

Innovations in trade finance

Automation and digitalization of the entire trade finance transaction

Straight-through processing: taking current opportunities and overcoming challenges

Case study: successfully implementing straight-through processing.


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