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Agility in the modern corporate world

Agility in the modern corporate world: from trend to necessity!

Agility is more than just the application of agile methodologies. It is a comprehensive approach aimed at enhancing the adaptability of individuals, teams
Change management – esoteric or indispensable?

Change management in IT transformation projects – esoteric or indispensable?

What is Change management?
colorful cables joining in at the center as metaphor for future-proof client care and sales in private banking

How to future-proof client care and sales in private banking

How can private banking providers learn from developments in retail banking and how can they translate these insights into successful sales strategies for their
Marina Fleischhauer and Daniel Werther

Construction financing: the path to success

In an interview with Marina Fleischhauer, head of the ecosystems department, and Daniel Werther, head of sales for construction financing at Volksbank Mittelhessen, we
abstract imgage: E2E transformation: breaking down silos for more customer satisfaction

E2E transformation: breaking down silos for more customer satisfaction, efficiency and entrepreneurship

What are the key factors for long-term customer focus, efficiency and entrepreneurship in E2E transformation?
Blue particle data making the shape of glowing network as metaphor for the transformation study 2022

Transformation study 2022 (zeb)

Characteristics of a successful corporate culture and levers for its establishment.
Woman using futuristic digital interface display as metaphor for the article "LCR forecasting with AI"

LCR forecasting with AI

Artificial intelligence in liquidity management.
Businessman touching global network and data customer connection as metaphor for Process management—no luxury, but a must-have!

Process management—no luxury, but a must-have!

Results from the zeb survey on process management in medium-sized banks.
Hand operating digital business network as metaphor for: Omnichannel banking and its implications for bank management

Omnichannel banking and its implications for bank management

Why omnichannel management is of paramount importance in a world of digitalization and customer centricity
Image as metaphor Mergers & Aquisitions and digitalization

Mergers & Acquisitions and digitalization

Digitalization is and will remain particularly present in the financial sector. Main drivers are anticipated earnings and cost savings.
Abstract image as metaphor for "zeb.digtial pulse chekc" - low maturity level of Swiss banks_BankingHub

“ pulse check 3.0” – digital maturity level of Swiss banks

Swiss banks are confronted with the challenge of a weak digital transformation culture
The payment market has changed. How should banks respond?

Payments are no longer a banks-only party

How should banks respond?
abstract financial charts as metaphor for agile process management – processes reinvented

Agile process management – processes reinvented

Practicable implementation of agile process management
Cybernetic eye with binary code as metapor for shaping a CDO unit

CDO agenda – shaping a CDO unit

competitive advantages through consistent alignment of organization and processes to data
Silhouettes of hikers climbing the mountain at sunset as a metaphor for employee activation

Employee activation as a critical change measure for success

Change for restructuring efforts.
Visualization of digital signals coming from office business towers.

“ pulse check” study: Digital transformation status of the German insurance sector made transparent

German insurance sector invests in digitalization, but so far hardly any innovative business approaches have been developed

Straight-through processing: taking current opportunities and overcoming challenges

Case study: successfully implementing straight-through processing.

Devising the bank of the future

Why a digital banking ecosystem can be the future of retail banking.

The future starts today: digital revolution in the lending process

Target images between the poles of technical possibilities and legal requirements

Bank clerk crisis – The financial sector’s fight for talents

How banks can position themselves in the fight for attractive talents.

Change management in the digital era

LISTEN TO AUDIO VERSION: The desired success depends on the willingness of the team to adapt Primary banks and associations

Rethinking Performance Management

An integrated approach is needed

“ pulse check” study: Banks are letting digital transformation wash over them

Majority of banks shy away from modernizing their IT architecture

Robo advice—soon to be a standard offering of financial service providers?

Wealth management of the future
robo advisors

Robo Advisors — Automated financial investments?

Trend of the year 2016: FinTechs in investing.

WebSummit 2015 in Dublin: 40,000 visitors, 2,100 startups and 1,000 investors

From the 3rd to the 5th of November, the WebSummit 2015 took place in Dublin again. Within five years, the small technology event in

Integrated planning as response to growing requirements

The challenge of integrated planning comes from combining the various perspectives of P&L-based figures, balance sheet figures and regulatory ratios.

Gaining the competitive edge – measuring and assessing an organization’s risk culture

Risk culture is a crucial factor when it comes to the daily business of handling various risks, especially in the financial industry. The long-term

Survey result on digitalization and sustainability: A lot of work ahead in both fields

Banks are looking for answers to cost pressure and new competition.

FinTechs—About the positioning and possible actions of banks

Why banks should start right now


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