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Observations and analyses of the current state of the banking sector, market volumes and margins of banking products and offers as well as relevant players in financial services.

Man looking outside office as metaphor for "European Banking Study 2020 Impact of COVID-19 on European banks"

European Banking Study 2020: How COVID-19 might affect Europe’s banks

A Black Swan event and its impact
Business people looking at concept papers as metaphor for "Merger and acquisition series (M&A) in the payments market"

Merger and acquisition series (M&A) in the payments market continues

Overview of current M&A activities and outlook in the payments market
Businessman checking the stock market as metaphor for "Regional banks in crisis mode: What will happen after the coronavirus pandemic

Regional banks in crisis mode—what will happen after the coronavirus pandemic?

Crisis management: act immediately and readjust in the medium term.
Big skyscraper as metaphor for "Large-scale merger of European banks"

Large-scale merger of European banks—quo vadis?

Why consolidation is not just a challenge for individual banks
Businessman using tablet analyzing data as metaphor for Pricing study—remain profitable in Private Banking / BankingHub

Pricing study—remaining profitable in Private Banking

zeb.Private Banking Pricing Pulse Check.
Wind power generation as a metaphor for the article "Why are ESG investments rising?"

ESG investing: the rise of a new standard

Current ESG trends and future challenges for financial institutions
Abstract image as metaphor for asset management

Asset Management 2019—update on the development

An industry caught in the cost trap.
Image shows Toronto city in winter flash (Issue 32 – January 2020)

Climate change and its impacts on banking—initial thoughts.
Abstract image of the development of the German banking market in 2019 / BankingHub

Development of the German banking market in 2019

Again no surprises—special focus on private banks
Title image: Second Hohenheim symposium for building societies 2019 / BankingHub

Second Conference for Building Societies in Hohenheim 2019

Successful second industry conference for building societies, organized by zeb and the University of Hohenheim
Title image: CSR impacts—the new dogma in reporting

CSR impacts—the new dogma in reporting?

Will measuring the impact of banks on the environment, society and the economy increase their value in the long term?
Title image: flash (Issue 31 – October 2019) / BankingHub flash (Issue 31 – October 2019)

How long can banks withstand negative interest rates and a diminishing economic environment?
The market data trap / BankingHub

The market data trap – managing complex issues

How banks can manage and optimize rising costs for financial data vendors flash (Issue 30 – July 2019)

“TRIMming” European banks’ capital ratios in times of increasing market uncertainty

European Banking Study 2019

Profitability remains a key issue—consequent digitalization becomes a success factor as competition increases
The Skyline of Frankfurt in Germany with all the finance buildings at daylight in flash (Issue 29 – April 2019) / BankingHub flash (Issue 29 – April 2019)

Friendly capital market in Q1 pushing banks’ share prices – merger rumors cannot prevent European banks from lagging behind
London skyline in flash (Issue 28 – January 2019) flash (Issue 28 – January 2019)

Global banks in 2018 with disappointing market performance—agenda for 2019 full of challenges such as Brexit and IBOR transition. flash (Issue 27 – October 2018) flash (Issue 27 – October 2018)

European banks continue to lose ground
The payment market has changed. How should banks respond?

Payments are no longer a banks-only party

How should banks respond? flash: Hongkong skyline at sunrise flash (Issue 26 – July 2018)

After first half of 2018, last year’s capital market gains of global banking industry destroyed
Aerial view of Manhattan in New York flash (Issue 25 – April 2018)

Market corrections and uncertainties regarding the U.S. trade policy cause a bumpy start to 2018 for the banking sector
Image Brexit

Corporate and Investment Banking After a Hard Brexit

Propositions on the Impact on Frankfurt
market flash flash (Issue 24 – January 2018)

U.S. banks had strong capital market performance in the final quarter of 2017—good prospects for 2018?
european banking study

European Banking Study

Profit and capital gaps in a changing European banking environment …and how to close them. flash (Issue 23 – October 2017)

I. State of the banking industry In the third quarter of 2017, global banks continued their ongoing solid capital market

Middle Office – The Endangered Species of the Corporate Bank

A Middle office is no longer a must-have function in banking. This is due to product and process standardization as well as automation among

Private Banking Study Luxembourg: Challenges, Trends and Strategies to succeed

A market facing significant upheaval. flash (Issue 22 – Juli 2017)

K E Y T O P I C S I. State of the banking industry The global banking industry lost flash (Issue 21 – April 2017)

K e y t o p i c s I. State of the banking industry The banking sector’s market capitalization
zeb market flash flash (Issue 20 – January 2017)

Key Topics I. State of the banking industry The banking industry has been the biggest winner in the latest stock


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