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Dr. Dirk Holländer

Senior Partner

Dr. Dirk Holländer is a Senior Partner of the zeb Group. As a seasoned consultant and advisor with over 20 years’ experience in the banking sector, Dirk works with zeb clients – ranging from global systemically important banks to small regional players – in the UK and across continental Europe. His focus is on maximizing the performance of finance, risk and treasury functions for today’s banking groups and financial institutions.

Moreover, he is responsible for our Strategic Planning and Financial Control experts and knowledge. In this role, he develops forward-looking concepts together with his team and clients for the value-oriented integrated performance and risk management and efficient resource allocation.


Office Frankfurt
Taunusanlage 19
60325 Frankfurt am Main


+49 251 97128-182

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European Banking Study 2013/2014 by zeb

Two substantial crises in the last six years have left the European banking industry in a difficult situation. And even with a view to the future, a fundamental recovery is not foreseeable. On the contrary, two major challenges will strongly affect the banking sector and banks business models in the upcoming years: the continuously low interest rates and the new regulatory requirements.

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