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Businesswoman with big data virtual interface as metaphor for Modern Tools of Wealth Management / BankingHub

Modern Tools of Wealth Management

Providing Simplicity in a Complex World
Innovations in Trade finance / BankingHub

Innovations in trade finance

Automation and digitalization of the entire trade finance transaction
Voxo – analysis-on-voice-conversation-content / BankingHub

Voxo – analysis on voice conversation content

Interview with Iman Pouya, founder of Voxo.
Abstract image as metaphor for "zeb.digtial pulse chekc" - low maturity level of Swiss banks_BankingHub

“ pulse check 3.0” – digital maturity level of Swiss banks

Swiss banks are confronted with the challenge of a weak digital transformation culture
Abstract global network concept as metaphor for "What innovations are currently launched on the market?"

What innovations are currently launched on the market?

From retail banking to wealth management.
Abstract network in hands as metaphor for Open Banking is here to stay

Open Banking is here to stay

What Open Banking is all about and why CEOs need to have it on their agenda
Hiker on mountain enjoying the view as metaphor for Central Bank Digital Currency and its impact on the banking system

Central Bank Digital Currency and its impact on the banking system

A need for a new payment system
MotionsCloud – insurance claims management with AI

MotionsCloud – use of AI in insurance claims management

Interview with Lex Tan, founder and CEO of MotionsCloud.
Image of Michael Reuter. Interview for Blockchain – Banking and Beyond

Blockchain – Banking and Beyond

Use cases, opportunities and challenges—an interview with Michael Reuter (Datarella)
Abstract science, circle global network connection in hands as metaphor for innovations in CEE banking – shopping advisor Goodie

Innovations in CEE banking – shopping advisor Goodie

Goodie: a PSD-II-ready customer acquisition tool?
Cybernetic eye with binary code as metapor for shaping a CDO unit

CDO agenda – shaping a CDO unit

competitive advantages through consistent alignment of organization and processes to data
Visualization of digital signals coming from office business towers.

“ pulse check” study: Digital transformation status of the German insurance sector made transparent

German insurance sector invests in digitalization, but so far hardly any innovative business approaches have been developed
Image Storytelling

Storytelling in finance

A means for customer acquisition and retention

Winning strategies for a PSD2 world

Change of retail banking as we know it.

zeb.fintech event

Articles, topics, trends & news in the financial industry: a step ahead in banking with! ✓

Straight-through processing: taking current opportunities and overcoming challenges

Case study: successfully implementing straight-through processing.

Finansliv Fintech Forum at Berns 2017

Articles, topics, trends & news in the financial industry: a step ahead in banking with! ✓

Devising the bank of the future

Why a digital banking ecosystem can be the future of retail banking.

The future starts today: digital revolution in the lending process

Target images between the poles of technical possibilities and legal requirements

Savedroid – an innovative way of saving money in your everyday life

An interview with Marco Trautmann, COO and co-founder of savedroid.

Change management in the digital era

LISTEN TO AUDIO VERSION: The desired success depends on the willingness of the team to adapt Primary banks and associations

The world is full of storytellers, what I try to be is a story maker.

Introduction During zeb.Uni 2017, we met Aric Dromi, chief futurologist of Volvo car group and advisor, to talk about his

Blockchain in retail banking

Are there possibilities in the application of blockchain in retail banking in the fields of identity management, contract management and payment services?

Ensuring compliance in highly regulated sectors with the help of digitalization

zeb: Mathias, to introduce your company can you please elaborate on the main pillars of your business model? Mathias Wegmüller:
Quarter of the Future: Banking in a digitalized world - Deutsche Bank

Quarter of the Future: Banking in a digitalized world

Opening of the Deutsche Bank flagship branch

Telecom banks 2 years after launch—success or failure?

Evaluation of bank telecom joint ventures in Poland.

5 Myths about Design Thinking

A look behind the scenes.

“ pulse check” study: Banks are letting digital transformation wash over them

Majority of banks shy away from modernizing their IT architecture

Robo-advice: revolutionizing investment advisory services?

Interview with CEO and founder of Scalable Capital, Erik Podzuweit

Robo advice—soon to be a standard offering of financial service providers?

Wealth management of the future


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