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Bitbond: P2P lending by means of Bitcoin technology—no bank account needed

Businesses from all industries are currently wondering what digitalization might imply for them and which conclusions should be drawn in
robo advisors

Robo Advisors — Automated financial investments?

Trend of the year 2016: FinTechs in investing.

7 Questions with Christopher Grätz, co-founder and CEO of kapilendo

Get an inside view of a successful FinTech story.

Changing the core banking system – the agony of choice

Challenges and success factors for an informed selection decision.

FinTechs—About the positioning and possible actions of banks

Why banks should start right now

Big data in banking: Data lake instead of data warehouse?

IT departments of banks are increasingly facing the challenge that the need for settlement system-related information and data and their availability for analyses and

Meetings in a digitalized era—New types of conferences on the rise

Ironically, personal contact between people gains ever more unexpected importance in our world, which continues to digitalize and virtualize. This

Sourcing beyond cost cutting

The trend of digitalization has arrived in the financial services sector, becoming an item on the management agenda of many European banks

Innovation – what’s to be done?

Presently, innovation is much in vogue. Describing oneself as innovative is popular amongst all that have a respectable opinion of themselves

Innovations in CEE banking – emergence of telecom banks in Poland

Three out of four major Polish mobile telecom operators decided to launch their banking ventures. The article focuses on development of telecom banks in

At eye level with new digital competitors

Modern bank customers are spoiled, but not by their banks. Because most banks cannot provide what customers have come to expect in the “digital

Innovation by script?

Established companies enviously eye the agility of businesses such as Facebook, Google or Amazon

Innovations in CEE banking – example of ALEO by ING in Poland

This article starts a series aimed at analyses of different examples of innovations in CEE with focus on Poland. First part presents selected statistics

Flexible and safe cloud solutions

One year after the beginning of the NSA affair, its repercussions are still present in the cloud business, as the current cloud monitor of

Regulatory required data quality as decision-making support

different regulatory requirements have been trying to further enhance the capacities of banks to cope with stress and crisis situations.

Advising customers personally and securely on the web — co-browsing forges ahead

The latest technological trends are considerably changing the usage behavior of bank customers. At heart, the issue is how banks and insurance companies should

P2P lending — BankingHub interviews Lendico

We were able to talk to Lendico about previous successes, credit processes as well as the German FinTech and start-up scene. Many thanks to

Banking innovation: Paying with PayPal at the PoS

PayPal’s mobile payment service for smart phone users in selected shops as a first step towards the end of the primacy of cash

YourWealth — this is how financial planning works today

The financial planning of today

Cloud Computing for Financial Services Providers: Hype or Opportunity?

he Hype of Cloud Computing for Financial Service Providers

Digitization as a key challenge for financial service providers

Das Internet ist ein Teil der Mainstream Gesellschaft geworden – die Digitalisierung als Herausforderung für den Finanzdienstleister

Digital change — Opportunity and challenge for banks

Digital innovations are increasingly influencing the everyday lives of many people. These are the opportunities and challenges for banks


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