Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) – new requirements and implications

Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) – new requirements and implications

DORA establishes a legal framework for the direct monitoring of critical third-party ICT service providers (especially large cloud computing service providers).
Data lakehouse: the next logical step in data management?

Data lakehouse: the next logical step in data management?

Assessment of the data lakehouse concept for financial services providers.
Agile requirements prioritization

Agile requirements prioritization – who comes first?

Approaches to prioritizing different business requirements for financial service providers’ IT.
Voxo – analysis-on-voice-conversation-content / BankingHub

Voxo – analysis on voice conversation content

Interview with Iman Pouya, founder of Voxo.

Devising the bank of the future

Why a digital banking ecosystem can be the future of retail banking.
IT architecture

Think and report in alternatives

scenario capability on BCBS #239-compliant IT architecture

Cutting IT costs in a smart way—our swim aid for CIOs under pressure

A new approach to IT cost management and cost optimization.


Is RegTech the answer to regulatory efficiency?

Changing the core banking system – the agony of choice

Challenges and success factors for an informed selection decision.

How to find a best fitting IT solution for your lending business?

A practical guide to end-to-end lending system evaluation and selection.

IT Support for your lending business

Many banks find their IT support for lending business insufficient at some point.

Sustainable optimization of IT costs

The effects of the financial market crisis still manifest themselves in an increased cost pressure for institutions—no easing of the pressure in sight. The

The human factor – Active qualification and management of personnel as a success factor of ORG/IT

High requirements for ORG/IT personnel.

“Less is more” – Scorecards for managing ORG/IT

Responsibility as a stakeholder and more autonomy necessitate increased requirements for an independent management of ORG/IT – Scorecards as a solution

The right setup of ORG/IT leads to corporate success

The core task of the IT (or better ORG / IT) function still is to provide appropriate solutions for the company in terms of high

Visions for a balanced project portfolio

Nearly all institutions in the financial services sector have a huge demand for adjustments both on the organizational and the IT side. Various regulatory

IT cost management — play neatly or win?

What do soccer and IT cost management have in common

Regulatory required data quality as decision-making support

different regulatory requirements have been trying to further enhance the capacities of banks to cope with stress and crisis situations.

Advising customers personally and securely on the web — co-browsing forges ahead

The latest technological trends are considerably changing the usage behavior of bank customers. At heart, the issue is how banks and insurance companies should


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