Abstract cloud computing and network as metaphor for ECB guidelines on risk data aggregation

New ECB guidelines on risk data aggregation and risk reporting

Ever since the ECB’s announcement of its supervisory priorities for 2023–2025 in December 2022, followed by Andrea Enria’s keynote speech during the Annual Conference
Light trail over the city as metaphor for: marathon towards “net zero” the role of banks

Marathon towards “net zero”: the role of banks in achieving climate neutrality

How to develop a science-based pathway aimed at reducing financed GHG emissions to achieve “net-zero” status.
ESG reporting: challenges and opportunities

ESG reporting: challenges and opportunities for financial institutions

Focus on sustainability risk reporting
Business analysis stock graph backtest in crisis covid-19 for investment in stockmarket and finance business planning selective stock for Stockmarket crash and Financial crisis as metaphor for the article "Liquidity study 2020 – importance of liquidity risk management"

Liquidity study 2020 – developments in liquidity risk management

The regulatory developments of the past years highlight the huge importance of liquidity risk management and the associated challenges.
Cityscape with abstract light trail as metaphor for "BIRD 5.0 – Opportunity for FinTechs and neobanks"

BIRD 5.0 – Opportunity for FinTechs and neobanks?

With Revolut, we took a fresh look at the BIRD initiative – Banks Integrated Reporting Dictionary – in terms of potential benefits.
Robot's interface as metaphor for "A Treasury that manages Itself with AI and Digital Technologies"

A Treasury that Manages Itself with AI and Digital Technologies

How digital transformation can succeed in Treasury and how it changes the Treasurer’s role


New Regulation on Payment Services Forces Banks to Act

ERF BIRD SDD — Proposal from the ECB for the future development of reporting

Long-term transition towards delivery of granular data.

Implementation of forbearance still incomplete in many banks

Increased relevance due to SREP

Forbearance Reporting – Challenges of a quick and efficient implementation of the ITS reporting

Extensive credit reporting due to forbearance requirements of FINREP

Integrated perspective of setting up annual financial statements

Quality beats quantity – Features of a contemporary reporting


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