Abstract cloud computing and network as metaphor for ECB guidelines on risk data aggregation

New ECB guidelines on risk data aggregation and risk reporting

Ever since the ECB’s announcement of its supervisory priorities for 2023–2025 in December 2022, followed by Andrea Enria’s keynote speech during the Annual Conference
Investment strategies and process isometric as metaphor for "Five years of IRRBB – a status quo assessment for interest rate risk management"

Five years of IRRBB – a status quo assessment for interest rate risk management

Interest Rate Risk Study 2020: Current implementation status of IRRBB requirements and challenges.

Small banking box—more proportionality in banking supervision for medium-sized institutions

Since the beginning of the financial market crisis, institutions have had to deal with very extensive and dynamic regulation.
IT architecture

Think and report in alternatives

scenario capability on BCBS #239-compliant IT architecture

General Data Protection Regulation

A Comprehensive Approach to Meet Requirements in a Digitalized World

Final BCBS standards on interest rate risk in the banking book

Revised IRR principles raise Pillar 2 and disclosure requirements for IRRBB.

Mining-driven process controlling, or: What does the process look like?

Analyzing process data based on banks’ current IT infrastructure.

Taking the stress out of the stress test

Is your organization stress test ready?

BIRD: supervisory authority’s new data model for regulatory reporting

When does the implementation of the new regulatory data model in regulatory reporting really make sense?

Data—from regulatory burden to strategic asset

Integrated architectures offer more than one response to regulatory requirements.
BCBS 328

Sound Corporate Governance Principles For Banks (BCBS 328)

Consolidation of existing regulations with minor enhancements to risk governance.

ERF BIRD SDD — Proposal from the ECB for the future development of reporting

Long-term transition towards delivery of granular data.

IRRBB – Consultative paper on interest rate risk in the banking book

SBCBS 319 consultative paper puts business models to the test

FRTB – New Market Risk Framework polarizes Regulators and Institutions

The currently discussed draft of the FRTB proposes a clear boundary between trading and banking book positions.


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